10.08.2006 Matt Ricks
When it comes to fresh sounds and interesting party tracks with a new edge, please check out this outstanding release by newcomer - act
MATT RICKS @ Yawa Recordings!!!
Stunning vocals and a massive bagpipes - melody are the elements of “Home Again” that makes the crowd moving from the first to the last second!
And for the friends of the harder side of Dance comes “Hardstyle Orgasm”, an uncompromising hard smasher for the Hardstyle lovers.
Matt Ricks is produced by Germany’s
Party-DJ No. 1 KRID P. and his fellows
Mike Gillig and Jo Weber who are also responsible for projects like First Wave etc.
First white labels are already in the sets of
Bass-T, Pulsedriver, The Real Booty Babes, Rave Allstars, Verano and many more!
Don’t miss this hit!!!
Matt Ricks is already on Furture Trance 37 & Hard Dance Mania 8 and ALL Online Shops like iTunes and musicload!!!
  Matt Ricks @ musicload
  Our brandnew cubproject SILICON SURFER, represents driving beats and pumpin club sounds that will move every floor!
So watch out for this release on Drop Out!

Beatboxing by coproducer
DJ Acid B
DJ Krid P´s massive progressive remix without any beatbox but driving crazy percussions!
This one´s allready causing mayhem on the floors!
Order Silicon Surfer @
Cuepoint Records.
16.01.2005 The Great Bouzouki, Get Up, Bagpipes, Connected Part 1 now for only 0,99 € at
Apple iTunes Music Store
Krid P @ Apple iTunes Music Store
27.12.2004 To the GIANT success of Bagpipes comes now the newest "HandsUP BURNER" of KRID P! Check it out @ your local recordstore:
  The Track ist good mood and party fun PURE!

So that the Clubber among you do not come too briefly ,we once again have a
special b-side
for you:
  Hard Peak Hour Acid Trance incl. a
Operation Blade Style!

Beside the Vinyl for the DJs ,there is now for the first time for all "non DJs" the possibility to download the tracks
for only 1,29 €! at musicload.de
  Naturally there is the The Great Bouzouki also as
for your mobile phone at dancetone.de
16.08.2004 Bagpipes is rockin the floors and hitting ALL major german dance charts (ODC 13, GDP 23, DDC 30, ECG 12 and Sunshine Live auf 9)!.
Thanks to all the supporting DJs!!!
Bagpipes is now
available as
REAL MUSIC MIX TONE for you mobile phone!
At the moment we´re working on the Krid P follow up - expect the unexpected!!! ;-)

Quit the standard pulp and be ready for one of the most outstanding dance tracks in a long time.

DJ Krid P -


DJ Krid P, is the former frontman of Future Breeze and now every week on the turntables for Potatoheadz, now back on Alphabet City’s DROP OUT - imprint with his next solo-single. He teamed up with the frankfurt - based producerteam FIRST WAVE to create an uplifting, pushing and also quite funny tune called

The title is program: besides great heavy sounds and the vocals of
Spacefrog Rapper "Grim Reaper" („Follow Me“), you will be surprised by the very original bagpipes-melody that will raise every hand on the floors. Already played by Rocco, 4 Clubbers, Jens O and many more.

This will be the definite stomper for upcoming disco-nights!

In addition to the commercial, but very innovative a-side, krid and the first Wave-crew created a high-quality trancer called
"Connected Part 1", reffering to old trance-classics like "Kaycee's Escape".
A massive package for the big clubs!

22.10.2003 After the huge success of the track "Freeloader", which entered the german top 30 sales charts, "Driftwood" is back with the second single
"Anything Goes"
- released by Alphabet City!
This burner already entered the german dance charts (DDC Charts) and will be available soon, including a real smashing "First Wave vs. Krid P" remix.
Don't miss this burner!!!


At 28.07. the new First Wave will be
released on DROP OUT!

First Wave vs. DJ Krid P
DROP 0340-6
Beatz Are Flowin´ / Rock Da House

It´s the first record in cooperation with DJ Krid P (known DJ of Acts like Future Breeze and Potatoheads). We´ll start his own project DJ Krid P and we will work together on some new projects in the near future. So watch out!

In the musicsection you can finde some small-band previews for all modem/ISDN Users!


After working on a couple of First Wave Remixes for Nouky - When The Rain Begins To Fall and Suspicious - Atlantis we´re just finishing the
First Wave. More infos are comming soon!
We updated the musicsection with all recent produktions and remixes.


Shockwave - Water On Me! incl. First Wave Remix is just released. Fire! Water! Steam! meets the one and only Grim Reaper!!!

Love Jam
incl. First Wave Remix
is out since two weeks now.

Suspicious - Atlantis incl. First Wave Remix!!!
Music Mail

"atlantis is a classic trance smash from one of
germany’s no. 1 progressive trance-djs TAUCHER.
originally released in 1993, the track became
a huge club theme with an outstanding melancholic melody.
ready for 2003 this track comes along with new killer
mixes by alphabet city-shooting stars FIRST WAVE
and PAUL HUTSCH as well as a new downtempo version of TAUCHER himself.
the mixes reach from frankfurt-influenced trance by FIRST WAVE to chilling café del mar-sounds in the smokin beach mix by TAUCHER.
PAUL HUTSCH takes the theme on a more commercial level for the big clubs.


The Grim Reaper - The Roof Is On Fire! incl. SHOCKWAVE REMIX climbs to position 85
in the German DJ Playlist!


The Grim Reaper - The Roof Is On Fire! incl. SHOCKWAVE REMIX enters the German DJ Playlist at position 103!
We wish all of you a merry x-mas and a happy new year!


The Grim Reaper - The Roof Is On Fire! SHOCKWAVE REMIX on Sony Dance Division OUT NOW! Space Frog "Follow Me" vocalist JAY!
New strong mixes by Marc & Ace and Shockwave Limited edition on red clear vinyl!!!

First Wave
Hi Tonite / Tear The Club Up
is rising to
position 3 in the Music Mail Salescharts !!!
THANKS to ALL the DJ´s for the huge support!!!
Our project First Wave - Hi Tonite /
Tear The Club Up
is highest newentry in the Music Mail Salescharts (position 4)!!!
THANKS to ALL the DJ´s for the huge support!!!
This means something special for us! ;-)
First Wave is back! October 21st the First Wave will hit the stores. We´re now on signed to Drop Out!
Go to our musicsection for a preview!

Shockwave - Fire! Water! Steam! enters the Discomania Salescharts Export at 5th position!


Shockwave - Fire! Water! Steam! enters the Discomania Salescharts at 10th position!
Listen to this track at our musicsection!


Space Frog - Follow Me 2002 enters position 89 in the german Medial Control Top 100 Single Charts. Paul van Dyk is spinning one of his famous PvD Edits of our Shockwave Remix at Love Parade - endingceremony, Love from Above Party and at Nature One in Kastellaun. Thanks Paul! ;-)
We´ve updated our Gallery with some nice pictures of the loaveparade-endingceremony. Thanks goes out to StefanA3!

Space Frog - Follow Me 2002 enters the ODC at position 17 and the ECC at position 28 and climbs at all important Dance Charts! Position 8 at the DDC , 28 at the German DJ Playlist, position 31
at the GDC and position 28 at the IMC!

Space Frog - Follow Me 2002 enters the DDC at position 14 and climbs at all important Dance Charts! Position 34 at the German DJ Playlist , position 23 at the GDC and position 25 at the IMC!

Space Frog - Follow Me 2002 climbs to position 46 in the German DJ Playlist and enters the IMC at position 47!

We have a new EXS24 Bass at our Download-Section. Thanks to SUBBADOME for suppoting our site.

Wow 20.000 visitors and 193 GB of EXS 24 Instrument downloads!!!
Seems like you still like our Instruments!? ;-)

Mega Update at the download-section.
We´ve uploaded 9 new EXS Instruments for you. Now there are over 50 (!) EXS24 Instruments available! So drop a line in the Guestbook if you like ´em.... ;-)

First Wave - My Inner Shores /
Schleichfahrt Mk2
(Bopp 11) this week
at position 104 in the German DJ Playlist.
First Wave - My Inner Shores /
Schleichfahrt Mk2
(Bopp 11) enters the German DJ Playlist at position 111.
Thanks for supporting us!
First Shockwave Remix is out now.
The Grim Reaper - Wild & Loose, produced by Marc´n´ Ace,
Vocals by ex-Space Frog Jay!

Mega Update at the download-section.
We have 7 new EXS Instruments for you.
Nice weird stuff!
And our Discography is now online.

The new First Wave - My Inner Shores / Schleichfahrt Mk2 is now available via Internet or in your favorite Record Store.
Remixed by newcomer system85.
Music-Sektion Updated!
Remix Contest-Gallery Updated!

Attack against Humanity
We express our deepest condolence to the members of all victims who had to loose their lifes


We updated our Gallery-Section with pics from The Contest Event @ Tarm Center Colone. It was a teriffic evenig for us! Thanks to Ralph, Deft, Klaus and Jens!
Get more Infos here !


We won the Fridge - Mystery Remix Contest and got an realease on the Alphabet City´s Label Go For It! :-))))

The new Shock Wave - The Prophet sold out in a few days! The next pressing is half sold by order in advance.

The new Shock Wave - The Prophet is now available via Internet or in your favorite Record Store.
Thanks for over 5000 visits since November 2000!!! We had 45.000 site-requests, 100.000 picture-requests, 41.000 file-downloads and AMAZING 40 GB (!!!) file-download-transfer. Guess folks, you like our samples?! ;-)
Some new gifts for you at the downloads section.
Our new project "Shock Wave - The Prophet" is to be released in a few days. See the music page for a Real Audio preview.
The new Mario Lopez single "Blind", which contains a remix by First Wave, entered the German Top 100 Single Charts at position 51.

Leave your e-mail adress so we can keep you up to date with the First-Wave Newsletter.


Gallery Update. You may now also have a look at the room some people use to call studio :-)



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