One of the most improtand german
Techno & Trance Labels!
One of the best party DJs in germany! As part of the Future Breeze DJ Team he played in several country around the world! Watch out for his up coming produtions!!!
Founders of Alphabet City and producers of international chart hits like I NEED YOUR LOVIN' (Like The Sunshine) and Celvin Rotane I BELIEVE!
Producer and resident DJ @ Tarm Center Colone
Producers of 4 Clubbers and hits like Work it, Spin Out!
Well known for Zeitreise, Dark Horizon, Microbe and DJ Sabu.
Label KomaTunes, home of acts like Fridge,Vectrex, Komakino, Mat Silver,
Alex Rocco, Endymion,Dogma!

Home of Space Frog & Trance Action!

Awsome german underground label!!
Monty´s Mix- & Mastering Studio in Zurich.
Provides some EXS24 downloads as well.
German Producerteam
and Label (Syntec Records).
to be continued... eiter folgen...
Unser Label in der Schweiz